Infection Control Key Staff


Our Infection Prevention & Control Team are highly experienced. We are available as an information and advice source to help you optimise your specific needs.

Infection Control requires a multidisciplinary approach including Medical Specialists, Nurses, and Scientists. The Infection Control Team available to you has broad based experience in primary, secondary and tertiary care infection control. Our team is available to guide and advise you on current procedures, future programmes and infection control outbreak management and prevention. 

Dr Richard Doehring


Richard is a Clinical Microbiologist and undertook postgraduate training at the South African Institute for Medical Research (SAIMR) and Witwatersand Medical School. He has held Senior Medical and Microbiology positions in South Africa and New Zealand, including Medical Directorship at Taranaki Healthcare and Deputy Directorship of SAIMR.

He is Medical Advisor to Quality Health New Zealand and to the Health and Disability Commissioner. 

Contact: Dr Richard Doehring

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Ben Harris


Ben is a Medical Laboratory Scientist with many years experience in hospitals and the community in NZ and Oxford, England. He has had many years experience in diagnostic microbiology, been an IANZ Auditor, and has provided infection prevention and control advice and lectures for many years to general practice, long term care facilities, hospitals and the community.

He is an Honorary Lecturer for the University of Otago. 

Contact: Ben Harris


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Dr Antje van der Linden


Antje is a Clinical Microbiologist for Southern Community Laboratories having graduated from the University of Otago in 1976. Antje has been a past Visiting Fellow at the Mayo Clinic Rochester and has been a long term Clinical Microbiologist for Dunedin Hospital where she has ongoing infection control experience.

She is also a Senior Lecturer at the University of Otago.

Contact: Antje van der Linden


  dr antje van der linden

Jacquie Leaman


Jacquie Leaman is Charge Medical Laboratory Scientist in Christchurch, with specialist qualifications in microbiology and immunology. Jacquie trained and qualified at Christchurch Hospital and has been with Southern Community Laboratories for many years in Christchurch. She has special interest in skin, fungi and urine bacteriology.

Jacquie has had many years hospital and community experience in infection control.

Contact: Jacquie Leaman


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Gayleen Parslow


Gayleen Parslow trained and qualified at Dunedin Hospital. She has had many years experience as a Senior Laboratory Scientist in microbiology. Gayleen has special interest and expertise in parasitology.

She is the Charge Medical Laboratory Scientist in microbiology with Southern Community Laboratories in Dunedin.

Contact: Gayleen Parslow

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